The Joy of Watching Them Grow



I remember as a young boy planting my first seeds in our veggie garden… both the hard work, and joy.


It was mum that helped me grow my first plants. She showed me how to prepare the seed bed. How to plant the seeds. How to water them. How to keep the weeds from choking them out, and how to maintain the plants, and soil.


Preparing the seed bed was just plain hard work. Digging the soil with fork and shovel. Breaking down the bigger clods of soil. Raking it over and over, until the bed was ready for planting.

I can still feel the blisters on my hands from working the shovel, fork, and rake – ouch.

Next was the easy part. Planting the seeds. All I had to do was create a furrow, plant the seeds at a certain distance, cover them up, and give them a water.


Then came the issue of investment verses reward.


Allow the weeds to grow and infest the veggie plants, and you end up with not only fewer veggies, but unhealthy veggies.


So constant vigilance was the key. Spotting the weeds, and removing them before they could take hold. I needed to keep the weeds from damaging my veggie crop.


I actually learnt this the hard way – I ignored mum’s advice, and DIDN’T attend to the weeds when I should have. Not only did they choke out my plants, but the weeds grew like mad, making them much harder to remove. Not only that, but these stinking weeds seeded and infected the veggie plot for a number of years. Bad news indeed.


Valuable lesson learnt – time and energy invested in weed control is well worth it… don’t neglect it.

The next challenge was getting the watering correct. Too much water leads to unhealthy plants. Not enough water leads to unhealthy plants.


I had to learn about fertilizers, and toxic chemicals – the benefits, and dangers thereof.

To make matters even harder to gauge, was the seasonal, and daily conditions. Each season, even day required a different water application.


None the less with good advice, consistent effort, and work, a little trial and error, I managed to grow a good crop of veggies.


The most exciting parts were watching them grow into beautiful fruit baring plants, and then of course being rewarded with an excellent source of home-grown food.


Nothing beats home grown veggies.


Now for the lessons in this story!


My bible says: “Train a child in the way he should go; and, even when old, he will not swerve from it.”  Proverbs 22:6 [CJB]


Suggestion: At the very least we should attend to our children as I did the veggie garden – but few even do this.


Allow me to explain.


The 1st thing I did was prepare the ground… taking the time and effort it needed to give the seeds the best chance to sprout and begin life. How many prospective parents actually prepare themselves for the arrival of a baby?


How many actually do some classes or research on creating an environment in the home that gives the new baby a chance to sprout, and begin life?


People fail to understand the importance of ground preparation – leading to unhealthy children. Sorry for the harshness, but it is true.


You see planting the seed is the easy part – the real work is both before and after seed planting.

Let’s move on.


How many parents, are allowing weeds to grow, and choke out the growth of their children? Children need consistent care, pay attention to their needs, and don’t rely on someone else to care for them.


In the West, has there ever been a time when everyone other than parents are caring for children? Off to so-called day care, almost from birth. Off to school where they are taught the very opposite the values they need to grow into healthy balanced citizens.


Your children are your responsibility, invest the energy and time required.


As a parent you need to be aware of the different seasons, and days a child goes through. They are precious, and very vulnerable to seasonal changes.


Maintenance can be high, but the rewards are rich if you put in the work.


Attending to the welfare of your children is one of the biggest responsibilities married couples have.

In this day and age, you cannot afford to negate that responsibility, the world is in a confused state. Ravaging wolves lie in wait to expose your children to the temptations of Satan and his minions.

Get the training, and tools you need to grow happy, healthy, and flourishing children… start this process by knowing, and understanding the instructions of our Father in heaven.


Want some help in this area – contact the team at TOLMM.


Under His Wings,


Rabbi Philip Hammond.