Torah: Learn It, Love It, Live It as Yeshua did! 


Welcome to Tree of Life Messianic Ministries!


We are a Prison Ministry outreach, distributing Rabbi Mordecai Silver's books to Correctional Institutions throughout the United States.


      Mordecai's books are also available on Amazon in print and Kindle format. Just go to and put in the search "Books by Rav Mordecai Silver". 


      Mordecai puts out a weekly Newsletter with ministry news, the weekly Torah, Haftarah, and Messianic Scripture portions, plus the weekly Torah and Haftarah portions from a traditional Jewish perspective. Also we have a section called Jewish Tidbits with miscellaneous information, and finally a section on Prayer from a traditional Jewish point of view. To subscribe send an email to


     We work with DMM-Deborah's Messianic Ministries as a staff advisor and offering Semicha (Ordination) on a conditional basis as the student works through their Judaic studies with the Judaic Studies Institute, which offers online and live Certificate Classes and other options. We highly recommend Rabbi Deborah Brandt, Ph.D, and the Judaic Studies Institute. Click on the link Judaic Studies Institute  on our website and you can obtain more information by emailing


We also welcome Rabbi Philip Hammond into the Tree of Life Messianic Ministries family. Check out his ministry webpage by clicking on the Australia link at the top of this page.


              Check out JSI-Judaic Studies Institute                   at