Our Australia Affiliate




Every Sabbath at 11am [AEST] Rabbi Hammond holds a Sabbath Service on Zoom.


There is a short liturgy, teaching from the Scriptures, and a time for discussion afterwards for those who want to engage.


Teachings are focused on HaMoshiach Yeshua, and how He wants His people to conduct their lives.


It is time to be serious about our Biblical Faith, willing to repent, and be in discipleship.


Ø    No more games.

Ø    No more unbiblical practices.

Ø    No more foolish doctrines of men.

Ø    No more walking as lone wolves.

Ø    No more room for pride, and self-serving agendas.


It is time for the Children of Israel to seek our Father in earnest – with a passion above all others.


It is time for believers to join a community, be connected, show some commitment, and listen to the Word of YHVH.

It is time to look up, and not around – our hope is in Yeshua, and Him only.



Interested in joining… then email: Philip@etz-chayim.org

Bible Study




There is nothing more important to study, than our Fathers Holy Word!


It is vital we understand what our Father is saying to us, and not lean on our own interpretations, and understandings – let the bible explain itself.


Every Wednesday evening at 7pm Rabbi Hammond holds a bible study:


Ø   To help understand our Fathers Word a little better.

Ø   To encourage us on our walk.


Ø   To see the importance of repentance, discipleship, and faithfulness.


Ø   To engage with other like-minded believers.


Ø   To lift our spirits, and build our trust, and hope in Yeshua. 


If the time frame works for you, and you would like to join – please email Rabbi Hammond on: Philip@etz-chayim.org.

Mens Group


What is the Mens Group you may well ask?


It is a MENS only group, centered on biblical repentance, and discipleship.


We strive to provide a safe space for discussion, accountability, and every-day challenges - all in a respectful manner.


It is not a platform for pet doctrinal dogmas. It is a place where various thoughts and ideas can be brought to the table, but where people can agree to disagree, and move on.


You do not have to belong to “our group” … it is not about kingdom building, manipulation or heavy shepherding. It’s about serving the community of biblical Israel as best as we can.


Men should be leading the way in biblical discipleship – let’s help one another do just that.


If you are considering exploring this opportunity further, you will be brought in as a guest for 3 weeks. Still want to join - the stable will discuss and vote on acceptance. The reason - this environment is not for everyone… but that’s ok. 


The Mens Group meets Sunday at 7:30pm [AEST] (Australia Time]


Email: Philip@etz-chayim.org for further information.