04. September 2022
Quality of life – who doesn’t want that? The family environment is where it all starts. A healthy family begins with a strong, happy, marriage. Parents that are united and happy in their relationship equals a happy healthy childhood. The role model is formed… the pattern continues. The reverse is also true. Unstable, unhealthy, unhappy families produce unhealthy, unhappy, unstable children. Sadly, this becomes the pattern, and we witness this over and over. None the less, we do witness...
17. August 2022
WISDOM IN GOD’S TORAH? Just listening or hearing words of instruction does nothing to guarantee an improvement in our lives. For the Children of Israel this also holds true. Just reading the bible does very little to improve our lives. Many people have read the bible, but never applied the lessons to their lives. How many times did Israel gather before Moshe to hear the instructions of YHVH, but paid scant attention. How many Kings of Israel read and heard these words of wisdom but ignored...
21. July 2022
Are you willing to follow instruction? Our world is crying out for healthy instruction! This not a new need, but it has been a constant need throughout the history of the human race. We have always been given healthy instruction, but mostly ignored it to our peril. Those of us who study the Word of HaShem are well aware of our historical foolishness in rejecting our Father’s instructions. “And HASHEM commanded the man, saying, ‘Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the...
11. July 2022
There are instances and moments in life that can have a profound effect on you. These moments can last for a few minutes or they can stay with you for a lifetime.
29. June 2022
Life is… Our thoughts can be stimulated by the most intriguing events. I just had the privilege of witnessing the birth of a calf from one of our beef cattle on our farm. It made me rethink how precious life is. I watched as the mother of the calf did what all mothers of calves do. She made sure the calf was alive and ok. She set about licking him clean, preparing him for his next move in life. I saw him stand and take a drink of precious milk from his mum. Milk that provided the very...
20. June 2022
Making Choices
Making Choices: It can be very stressful to make life changing decisions, even more so when family members are involved. Unfortunately, many families become fractured when the subject of Aging and Aged Care have to be faced. So many opinions are offered… resulting in arguments and tensions.
15. March 2022
The Joy of Watching Them Grow
My bible says: “Train a child in the way he should go; and, even when old, he will not swerve from it.” Proverbs 22:6 [CJB]
30. January 2022
Babies and small children are delicate...but parents more so!
BABIES AND SMALL CHILDREN ARE DELICATE… BUT PARENTS MORE SO! Why the above heading? Allow me to explain. Babies and small children can be excused for behaving badly… they have no understanding of the consequences of their actions. They won’t be feeling guilty about keeping mum or dad up all night. They won’t feel guilty about throwing food all over the floor. Parents on the other hand do not have the luxury of not understanding consequences. All parents make mistakes… we are human....
16. December 2021
Giving Your Children Strong Foundations!
GIVING YOUR CHILDREN STRONG FOUNDATIONS! From the Desk of Rabbi Philip Hammond We know the earliest education children receive is from their parents… so, it is vital parents are well educated on how to guide their children. We are not talking of university degrees or diplomas, but education and guidance from the Word of the Holy One of Israel - bible discipleship. It cannot be emphasized enough… the first lessons, habits and behavior patterns of children are modeled on you the parents....
08. December 2021
Tree of Life Messianic Ministries
Welcome to Tree of Life Messianic Ministries website. Tree of Life Messianic Ministries is an umbrella, of sorts, connecting with other like-minded ministries like our Australia Affiliate led by Rabbi Philip Hammond. TOLMM also has a Prison Outreach throughout the United States. Another connected ministry is DMM-Deborah's Messianic Ministries led by Rabbi Deborah Brandt. Rabbi Deborah also is the Director of the Judaic Studies Institute, an on-line school offering classes and seminars.