Ever Increasing Evil - Absolutely














There are instances and moments in life that can have a profound effect on you. These moments can last for a few minutes or they can stay with you for a   lifetime.


Simple things like watching a bird dancing from branch to branch searching for food can be fascinating. The setting Sun whose glorious colours can capture the heart, has long been a subject of the professional and amateur photographer alike. The formation of a perfect rose can leave you spell bound.  The radiance of a full moon and a sky filled with sparkling stars can be breath taking.


Witnessing the beauty of God’s creation can change your mood in a profound way.

These moments can be uplifting, soothing the soul.


Then there are other moments that can bring distress, anxiety, frustration, heart ache and anger. “Nature” can bring us moments of peace and solitude, yet it can also be the cause of suffering, leaving life changing scars for us to deal with.


Regardless of which ones we experience, such experiences are usually out of our control… We try to appreciate the good and cope with the bad.


However, what about moments of human behaviour? This is something we do have control over. Human behaviour can bring great moments of joy and good as well as great heartache and suffering. The behaviour of mankind is vital to the health of a family, a community, a country and the world.


Sadly, as I write these word’s, we are witnessing behaviours that are hard to understand and cope with. We are witnessing behaviours that are damaging our families, communities, our countries and the world. Our societies are riddled with sicknesses caused by their rejection of the God of Israel.

Most so-called leaders and even some parents are neglecting their responsibilities, preferring to engage in self-centred activities, often bringing harm and suffering to the innocent.


 The increase in domestic violence is but one example. Women and children are often the target and the violence is something you hope would stay in the world of Hollywood. Husbands, wives, so-called partners are involved in some chilling crimes.


 Children are being exposed to horrific behaviours from the very people they should be able to trust and rely on for direction and instruction.


Media reports of death and injury at the hands of parents and so-called carers is a regular headline. Elderly people bashed in their homes by drug addicts looking for a means of supporting a drug habit are by no means unusual.


The moral compass of the every-day person is quickly changing direction. Our educators are no longer teaching our children biblical precepts and foundations. As someone said, “God is being driven out of our schools”. I would go further and say: He has been driven out with violence, resulting in the destruction mankind.


This experiment is failing miserably. Evil is no longer seen as evil. Truly, good is being called evil, and evil is being called good.


I remember a discussion I had with a social worker. This person is a kind, compassionate person, who was dedicated to help others. However, this person could not bring themselves to use the word evil.


I discussed some of the atrocities committed by ISIS, the horrific abuse of children and babies by some in our societies, and other horrific events committed by humans. Even the most horrific examples of human behaviour were nothing more than bad choices.


Because our societies have lost their “moral” compass, by rejecting the Creator of heaven and earth, there are no absolutes anymore. So, there is no evil in this person’s world view, just bad choices. In such a world view of no absolutes, even such bad choices may in fact be seen as good choices at some other time in history.


Like it or not we are a product of what we sow. 


If we sow according to our own selfish desires ruled by our flesh, then we can only expect corruption, sickness and death to enter our lives and life styles.


Sadly, our families, communities, and countries are all manifesting these symptoms. Many are looking for a remedy, but very few are willing to seek the correct counsel from the only One who can give it.


Until that eventuates, we can look forward to further deterioration and heartache.

Until we face the evils in our midst and call them for what they are, we can only blame ourselves for the human behaviours that scar us for life. 


I suggest instead of employing the words Good and bad choices we employ the words, Godly and Evil choices


Rabbi Philip [Yochanan] Hammond. PhD.

Rabbi Hammond can be contacted at: philip@etz-chayim.org or emunahcenter@emunahcenter.com.au