Affiliates of TOLMM

Rabbi Philip Hammond has a Home Group in Australia and offers a Shabbat Service on Zoom. He is an Affiliate with TOLMM and an active participant in the ministry outreaches of TOLMM. Rabbi Hammond would like to start a Zoom group for men in the USA. If you are interested you can contact Rabbi Hammond at

Tree of Life Messianic Ministries is a non-profit ministry with a prison ministry that extends throughout the United States. Tree of Life Messianic Ministries is also the publishing arm for Rabbi Mordecai Silver's books. TOLMM offers Affiliation with TOLMM and offers recognition of Affiliate leadership as Elders. For more information on Tree of Life Messianic Ministries check out the books offerings on this website and for information on their prison ministry and Affiliate status, you can email them at

Ohr Ha'Brit Messianic Assembly Ministries is located in El Paso, Texas and guided by Rabbi Gabriel 'Levi' Martinez. Ohr Ha'Brit Messianic Assembly Ministries is an Affiliate of TOLMM. For more information on where the group meets and when and other ministry outreaches you can call 915-407-1776 or email at

Elder Shawn Warren lives in the SanTan Valley in Arizona. Shawn has been a good friend to TOLMM and Shawn and his family were members of Rabbi Mordecai Silver's congregation in Las Cruces when Shawn was stationed at Fort Bliss, TX. Shawn oversees providing guidance and the mentoring of inmates, through the TOLMM Prison Outreach and is an Affiliate of TOLMM. Shawn would like to start a Home Group and if you are interested you can contact Shawn at

3rdHeaven Ministries is located in Kimberly, Idaho. They are a Home Group led by Gayle and Michael Michelucci. For more information their email is

We welcome a new Home Group located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. They meet on Friday evening, for Erev Shabbat. They usually start out with greetings, a potluck dinner, Siddur prayers, and end with Bible Study.  They start at 5pm, some folks have to leave by 9pm; on a few occasions they will take it up until 10pm. For More information drop a line to and we will pass it on.

Connecting to others...

Deborah's Messianic Ministries is located in Chicago, IL. Rabbin Deborah Ph.D., was a student of JSI and is now an instructor and Director and Facilitator of JSI. Rabbin Deborah leads a group in Winfield, IL and a Bible study. Her ministry is live on the Internet. Rabbin Deborah has written several books and you can check out her website on the Business card to your left. If you have questions about her group feel free to contact her.