Giving Your Children Strong Foundations!


From the Desk of Rabbi Philip Hammond


We know the earliest education children receive is from their parents… so, it is vital parents are well educated on how to guide their children.


We are not talking of university degrees or diplomas, but education and guidance from the Word of the Holy One of Israel - bible discipleship.


It cannot be emphasized enough… the first lessons, habits and behavior patterns of children are modeled on you the parents.

Please re-read the above sentence and let the enormity of this sink in.


“Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not part from it.”  Proverbs 22:6 [NASB]


What is the first task of parents or a would-be parent? Suggestion… look in the mirror and study the reflection you witness.


Children will mimic their parents. Think about the first word children often speak – NO - because parents are always saying “no” to their children.


They reach for a sharp knife… NO. They start playing with food… NO. They pull the dogs ears… NO. You get the picture.




Children’s minds are ready to be filled with all kinds of information… they are an “open suitcase”. It is the parent’s responsibility to fill the suitcase.


When you go on a trip, you choose what goes in the suitcase. You choose the clothes, the shoes, the personal items that go into the case.


No different with your children. Parents choose what goes in the suitcase… this happens even when you are unaware.


Foul mouthed parents have foul mouthed children… whose fault is that?


Important fact. You can only fill your suitcase with items you have… you cannot fill your suitcase with items you don’t have.


It is crucial you understand this point. As a parent you can only supply your children with items from “YOUR WARDROBE”.




Whenever we buy clothes, we usually go to our favorite stores. We trust them, we have had good experiences with them, often bargains are to be had.


We look for clothes that not only fit well but look good on our particular body. Colour is important, style is important, fabric is important and for most, price is important.

We make an effort to buy well!


Is it not reasonable to suggest that raising children is even more important than what clothes we wear? You see most people associate their clothes with the type of person they want to present… they represent our character… most of us have a favorite piece. It almost becomes a relationship.




Just for a moment, imagine your children as clothing you are going to wear.


What fabric do you want them to be? What colours do you want on display? What style should they be? What comments are you looking for?


Most importantly, what price are you prepared to pay for them to be the best clothes you have ever had the pleasure of wearing?


Parents are the designers and manufactures… you choose the outcome. The responsibility is with you… an awesome responsibility.


You choose what fabric to buy, what colours to use, what style you will accept and what price you will pay.


Stocking your closet is a tricky process… it doesn’t always work out. That’s ok as you always have the option of throwing out those pieces that no longer fit.


Parenting is a continuous process of changing costumes. Some we keep, others we give away.

However, the only fashion designs we should follow are the Father’s instructions.



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